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 Services & Fees

 07518 942851


Here at Tracey Baum Coaching, ​I offer a range of services aimed at Individuals, Business Owners and Executives.

Using my management experience in both the public and private sectors, along with NLP, my trainer qualifications and my mindset and performance coaching methods, I deliver high end, bespoke coaching, mentoring and supervision to those in need. 

Individuals: Working with you to clear any blocks and brick walls.  Be it confidence or self esteem issues, imposter syndrome, procrastination, performance, perfectionism, or any other issue you feel affects you and lets face it, at times we all need support and guidance to help get us to that place where we are living the life we want. 


Business Owners: Why do some business grow and thrive whilst others struggle, stagnate or even fold? Starting with the basics,  ensuring you have the right mindset is key. Running a business, from CEO to Chief Bottle Washer with everything in between can be challenging and difficult. Understanding how to work smarter not harder, create professional boundaries, network like a pro, learn how to communicate in a way that will ALWAYS get you the result you want, will promote your businesses performance and allow you to be on that continual growth and achievement path.

Executives: Connecting or re-connecting with your belief and value sets will revitalise passion, enthusiasm and motivation. Creating a healthy work / life balance. Ensuring that the company's brand values and purpose are supported from senior management throughout the whole company. Improving communication and team motivation skills. Looking at the processes involved in building, growing and improving the business performance. Allowing you to achieve the outcomes you want.


Single  Sessions:

One off focused session - 60 minutes online - delving in  to the heart of what's affecting you and how to unlock them. £475

Half Day - Growth Accelerator - face to face or online coaching (plus travel and expenses) £2575

Full Day - Recharge and Grow - face to face or online (plus travel and expenses) £4995

Monthly Sessions:

Super Dynamo - Focussed sessions dealing with any life / business issue that you need help with. These sessions are conducted online and are aimed at those who seek regular accountability, support and coaching but may not have the time to dedicate to longer monthly sessions. One 30 minute online monthly session £225 / month. Minimum 12 month commitment.

Unlocking You - Identifying and understanding your blocks. Ensuring you live your life both personally and professionally in a way that allows your beliefs and values to be met. Building and growing you so you can succeed in your career of choice or in running your own business  with support, guidance and accountability provided. One 60 minute online session a month £425 /Month Minimum 12 month commitment

Achiever Coaching - Aimed at those who want or need more accountability in their personal and professional lives, who want to really push themselves to achieve the things they have never felt they could. All the components of the Unlock You program but more often. Two x 60 minute online sessions £875/month Minimum  12 month commitment

Inspire 15 - This is my budget group coaching program set up for those in business who want or need to coaching but feel that monthly individual sessions are out of their reach right now. Inspire 15 is limited to a  maximum of 15 participants at any one time. We cover everything from beliefs and values to confidence, pricing, networking, branding, mindset and everything performance related. One 90 minute on line session a month £99 minimum 12 month commitment


All payments are required in advance and are non refundable. 

Cancellation Policy

For Appointments

Due to the demand for this service and to protect valued clients, there is a strict cancellation process in place. Cancellation with 48 hours notice, 50% fee will be invoiced to the client. Cancellation with 24 hours notice, 100% fee will be invoiced to the client. Tracey Baum Coaching reserves the right to cancel courses or consultations in unavoidable situations and full refunds (pro-rata) will be made.

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