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About me

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I’m Tracey  owner of Tracey Baum Coaching.


I became a coach to help individual female businesses owners perform to the best of their ability

As you may have seen my logo is that of a tree with out reaching roots spreading wide and far and this is how I see my business. The Oak Tree is hardy, surviving all weathers and yet perpetually shedding and re-growing much like a business. Trees provide nutrients and nurture the ecology, much like the way our businesses service and sustain our economy. Trees are rarely planted in isolation, their collective system adding support and benefit to the eco system network, much like a business needs its employees or network events. Trees generally represent longevity and success being in existence for decades if not centuries. Lastly, my surname is German for Tree so all in all it was for me, the perfect logo to use for my business.

My outcome is to provide all my clients, the strength, longevity and sustainability an Oak tree provides

I have been fortunate enough to have had a coaching session with Tracey and highly recommend her services for anyone who feels they might have any blocks holding them back from any area of their life and need the support and coaching to identify the root cause. Tracey was able to help me connect to the real crux of the issue very rapidly with her questioning and I definitely feel we had a breakthrough within just one session. Thank you Tracey.

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